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Generic Bimatoprost 0.03%/3ml

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A brief beginning of Generic Bimatoprost eye drops:

Bimatoprost eye drops are used in the treatment of hypotrichosis condition of eyelashes. It makes eyelashes lengthier and darker.  It is also indicated in the management of open-angle glaucoma. It also treats the problem related to high pressure inside the eyes. If a person uses it constantly, he or she may get the astounding increase of eyelashes.

Mechanism of Action of Generic Bimatoprost eye drops:

Bimatoprost eye drops come under a cluster of Prostaglandin analog. It minimizes the lower intraocular pressure (IOP) of a person. It also increases the outflow of aqueous humor. It works by enhancing the drainage of the aqueous humor out of the eyeball. This medication also decreases the velocity of aqueous formation in the eye. The combination of both effects decreases the pressure within the eye. It also enhances the anagen phase and reduces the telogen phase of the eyelashes growth cycle.

Dosing recommendation of Generic Bimatoprost eye drops:

Before using Bimatoprost, your hands must be clean by using hand wash and water. Clean your face and remove your makeup and contact lenses.

Recommended dose for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma: You may have to instill one drop of Bimatoprost eye drop in the night before sleeping, once in a day.

Recommended Dose for Intraocular Hypertension: Bimatoprost is a solution and it is applied in the eyes with the help of an applicator. Put a drop at the border of the upper lash line before sleeping at night. If solution reaches to your eyes, then remain it over there as this medication does not affect your eyes. In case if you are also using other ophthalmic preparation then maintain a gap between two doses.

Contraindications of Bimatoprost eye drops:

Bimatoprost eye drops are highly contraindicated in case of allergy to any of its content.

Side effects of Bimatoprost eye drops:

Bimatoprost eye drops may cause some annoying effects like arid eyes, red eyes, burning, darkening of eyelids, pigmentation of the iris, indistinct vision, or intensify in sensitivity to light.

Precautions of Bimatoprost eye drops:

  • Consult your doctor in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding before using Bimatoprost eye drops.
  • Tell your doctor immediately if you feel irritation, inflammation, contamination, or injury to the eye.
  • Use Bimatoprost eye drop only on doctor's recommendation if a lens in your eye or have been replaced or missed.
  • Don't to the bottle's tip as it may enhance the probability of drug contamination.