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Birth Control

Birth control is any option that helps to prevent the risk of pregnancy. Birth control options assist you in thwarting the chances of pregnancy by providing you protection. People use birth control options in order to avoid the risk of pregnancy termination and to enjoy their sexual living with the partner. The best birth control option for women is birth control pills, which are called as oral contraceptive pills also. These are very easy to consume and provide you an easy access for protection without any hindrance in sexual intimacy.

Birth control pills are made of synthetically manufactured hormonal moieties, which are of estrogen and progesterone constituents. These hormones are present either singly or in combination in varied birth control brands. Birth control pills are generally or two types that include emergency pills and regular pills. An emergency is taken when you involved sexually with your partner rarely and forget to use any protection. Regular pills are taken when you are sexually active and use birth control pills as your regular contraceptive option.

Active ingredients present in birth control pills act in certain ways to prevent an unwanted gestation. Birth control pills prevent the process of ovulation in women that is the release of eggs from ovaries. These pills make cervix mucus thick so that the sperm cannot enter the womb through the vagina. In addition, birth control pills prevent fertilization of egg and sperm to inhibit fertilization and make the uterine lining thin to thwart the chances of implantation.

Numerous of brands are accessible in the form of 21 pills pack and 28 pills pack that are taken depending on your preference. Some examples are Ovral L, Ovral G, Mircette, Yasmin, Yaz, Norethindrone, Dronis, Plan B, I pill, Unwanted 72, Loette, Dianette, Cerazette, Femilon, Activelle and many others.

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