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Campral 333mg - Generic Acamprosate

Campral 333mg - Generic Acamprosate

Generic Acamprosate

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Campral is a useful medication, which used to restore or balance the certain chemical level in the body of an alcohol addicted individual, who recently quite alcohol. Mainly it treats alcohol dependence in adult individual. It is also used to alter behavior in some individual, who recently stopped drinking of alcohol.

Campral is an efficient medication, which composed of Acamprosate as its main vital component. It belongs to the category of sulfonic acids. The activity of this medication is takes place by alteration of the normal balance between neuronal excitation and inhibition. It suggests that Acamprosate can interact with neurotransmitters like glutamate and GABA systems centrally. It results in the hypothesis that this medication restores this balance of these neurotransmitters and balances the chemical level.

Contraindication of Campral Tablets,

In certain individuals this Campral can CONTRAINDICATED. So they should not take this medication; such as

  • The individuals, sensitive to Acamprosate or any other ingredient of this drug, should not take this drug.
  • It should not be used by an individual, who is suffering from severe kidney disorders.

You should store this drug in proper storage conditions. You can store this medication at room temperature; away from the moisture and direct heat.

 Dosing Information of Campral

Campral is an oral medication. An individual can consume this drug before or after the consumption of food or you can take it without regards of your meal. An adult individual should take two tablets of this medication, which contains a total 666mg of active drug. It should be used three times in a day. The dose can be decreased and that can be effective, which depends upon the medical condition of individual and the response of this drug on the body of individual.

You should avoid this drug taking in overdose, as it can cause bad effects in the body of an individual in overdose. In case of overdose, you should contact with your doctor as soon as possible.

In case, if by mistake an individual missed the dose of this drug, then take it when the individual remembers it. If an individual reminds it at the time of the next dose, then the individual should consume next dose according to old schedule by skipping left dose.

Side Effects of Campral Tablets

The use of Campral can cause some side effects in the body of some individuals like weakness, pain, anxiety, dizziness, sweating, depressed mood and dry mouth.

Safety Tips While Taking Campral Tablets

Before using this medication, individual should keep some safety tips in the mind; such as

  • This medication should not be used in combination with other drugs like vitamins and herbal drugs.
  • In case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, this drug should be used with extreme care.
  • This drug may cause thinking issues, so use this drug with extra care or you should keep yourself alert, if anyone takes this drug in your observation.