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Caverta 100mg | Sildenafil Citrate

Caverta 100mg | Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil Citrate - Caverta

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Caverta 100 mg contains active pharmaceutical ingredient Sildenafil. It is usually prescribed to the patient who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. It provides sexual performance.

Caverta potentiate the blood flow in smooth muscle by acting on PDE 5 which is responsible for degradation of cGMP, an enzyme which stimulate the release of NO in smooth muscle of male sex organ. Available of blood by the vasodilating action of NO is demonstrated for the maintenance and development of erection in male sex organ.

Erectile dysfunction is disorder of male sex organ in which patient is incapable to maintain sufficient rigidity required for the sexual activity, due to this reason individual lost their love making power with their partners. Caverta 100 mg is effective and safe drug to treat this problem in few minutes after taking it orally.

Dosing Information of Caverta 100mg Tablet

Take Caverta 100 mg orally with a glass of water half an hour earlier of sexual activity. You can take it with or without food but it should not be taken with fat rich meal, to prevent delayed absorption. Do not take more than one dose in a day; otherwise it may produce overdose symptoms. Patient having severe liver and kidney disease requires dose adjustment. If any complications occur then it should be reported.

Storage Condition of Caverta 100mg Tablet

Store the drug at temperature between 25 to 30 degree C. Keep Caverta 100 mg in suitable place where children and domestic pets cannot access. Excessive light and moisture can deteriorate the product so protect from it. Keep the drug in original pack only.

Caverta 100 mg may interact with some drugs such as Nitroglycerine, Isosorbide dinitrate, Heparin, Warfarin, Carbamazapine, Phenytoin, Prazosin, Terazosin, Clarithromycin and Erythromycin.

Caverta 100 mg is contraindicated in patient who is allergic to it. Do not take drug if you have ongoing therapy of cardiovascular drugs such as Nitrates, this may lead serious adverse reaction like severe fall in blood pressure and hypotension. It is contraindicated in women and children.

Possible side effects of Caverta 100 mg includes allergic reaction like skin rashes and itching, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, impairment in vision, palpitation, painful and difficult in urination. But these effects do not lasts for the longer period and depend on the patient’s responsiveness and effectiveness to this medicine. To avoid these effects one should take care of dose and report if any such effects occur.

Precaution While Taking Caverta 100mg Tablet

It is reccommended that patient should avoid Caverta 100 mg if he is taking any forms of Nitrate drugs. Take it cautiously if you have allergy. Do not take Caverta 100 mg if you are not sexually aroused otherwise it will not work. Avoid smoking and limit the consumption of Alcohol when you are this drug. It should not be given to the women and children. Do not use it beyond the expiry date of this of medicine.

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