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Buy Chantix Online | Buy Champix | Order Varenicline 1 mg Tablets Online

Buy Chantix Online | Buy Champix | Order Varenicline 1 mg Tablets Online

Varenicline tablets

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1 Pack Starter Pack - ( 11 Tabs x .5mg + 14 Tabs x 1mg ) $132.99 $132.99
2 Packs 1 Month refill - ( 2 packs of 28 tabs x 1 mg ) $112.00 $223.99
4 Packs 2 Months refill - ( 4 packs of 28 tabs x 1 mg ) $111.75 $446.99


Chantix - a film coated tablet for you that will set you free from the addiction of smoking habit that has leads you to various anomalies. The Chantix is tablet solid formulation that contains Varenicline as active drug which is served in 0.5 and 1mg doses strength. The drug is used mostly by the adults who are in the smoking practice.

What are the risks that are associated with the smoking habit?

  • After one starts smoking you turn addicted to it, smoking will lead to cardio vascular disorders, blood clot and promotes arteries blocking.
  • Respiratory disorders like emphysema.
  • Smoking may promote depression and mental disorder.
  • Smoking will also promote erectile disorders in men.
  • Smoking also affects pregnancy and the fetus.

How the drug helps you in the management for replacing smoking and rehabilitation;

Chantix (Varenicline) is not containing nicotine. Chantix contains generic varenicline tartrate. 

The drug will act as replacement therapy; the drug attaches the receptors in the brain which is released in brain and alters the level of dopamine. The drug releases less amount of dopamine and thus reduces the withdrawal symptoms when an individual stops the smoking and the associated features like mood swing, GERD, poor concentration, restlessness, and craving for smoke. Chantix drug will not stop the symptoms of withdrawal entirely.

Simply Chantix will block the nicotine to combine the receptors. So, if any individual smokes along Chantix the smoking will not bring the satisfaction and not enjoyable too.

Posology of Chantix tablets:

Set a date when you will stop/ quit smoking

You can start taking Chantix for 8 -14 days.

After the first week of dosing schedule prescribed individual has two dosing options left either you can have the 0.5 mg dose twice a day or go for 1.0 mg twice a day.

What could be the possible side effects of Chantix?

The side effects may vary from individual to individual one may feel like sleep disorder, headache, nausea, symptom of cold, bitter taste of mouth, dryness of mouth chest pain, change in hunger, weight gain and shortness of breath and joint pain.

Things to take care and warn about the drug Chantix:

  • If one is hypersensitive to the drug content should not take the drug.
  • Do not stop medication in the mid of the therapy and the drug may bring symptoms of withdrawal.
  • The drug is not indicated for non smokers, smaller kid and pregnant ladies.

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