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Buy Olamine Shampoo - Ciclopirox Shampoo

Buy Olamine Shampoo - Ciclopirox Shampoo

Ciclopirox Olamine Scalp Shampoo

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A shampoo preparation having 1% Ciclopirox - Olamine is active drug that is used topically. The drug is used in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis with the help of antifungal activity. The shampoo is a colorless translucent preparation that is served in shampoo base.

How it helps in mitigation of seborrheic dermatitis of scalp

Ciclopirox Olamine Shampoo is an antifungal drug that belongs to hydroxypyridone that has relevant effect on dermatitis, as the drug brings chelating of polyvalent cations. This chelation process results in inhibition of metal dependant enzymes that bring degradation of peroxides (present in the fungal cells)

Contraindication of Olamine Shampoo

The product has potential affect on pregnant women; the drug belongs to category B which shows the drug will bring teratogenic effect on the fetus. The drug has should not be taken by nursing mother as the drug is excreted in human milk. The drug is not tested in subjects below 16 year of age so one should not use the product in pediatric condition and shampoo is not recommended to person above 65 as the safety and tolerance is not clear.

Drug Interactions of Olamine Shampoo

The drug is not administered orally antifungal drugs should not be taken along calcium channel blockers; during chemotherapy the drug shows interaction to hydroxypyridone. One should not use immuno-suppressants and certain macrolide antibiotics.

Storage Conditions for Olamine Shampoo

One should keep the product in cool and shady place at room temperature. Keep the shampoo preparation away from the reach of children.

How to use the product Ciclopirox - Olamine Shampoo?

One may use 1-2 teaspoon of shampoo having 1% Ciclopirox- olamine.

Use it in the scalp two times in a week, and this procedure should be followed for about 4 weeks.

One may use the shampoo on wet hairs and according to hair density patient may use the shampoo 5ml to 10ml in long hair. Use the shampoo by forming lather and leaving it for some time.

One should be cautious while using the shampoo, avoid from eye. If accidently one touches eye while using he/she should rinse eye with water.

After effect of Olamine Shampoo

Shampoo preparation is synthetic and mediated product and it may have some ill effects after using the product some allergic symptoms like itching burning sensation, pruritis and erythema can be seen in some patients. One may also suffer swelling, blistering and extreme condition one may suffer oozing in scalp.

Precaution to take while using Olamine Shampoo

The product is not indicated in old aged person, and children

Avoid the contact with eyes and in some patient suffer hair discoloration after use of Ciclopirox olamine shampoo.

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