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Buy Fair and Lovely Anti-marks Cream

Buy Fair and Lovely Anti-marks Cream

Fair & Lovely Anti-marks Cream

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Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Fairness Cream that is used topically over skin for bleaching purpose, specially designed for skin with marks and spots. Fair & lovely having Vita-Aloe complex with vitamin B3, E and aloe Vera along fruit concentrate that acts to the targeted place and helps in enlighten the skin tone. The basic constituents help in lowering the melanin level that helps in fight against pigmentation problem. Fair & lovely acts in various skin spot problems for visible fairness!!

Fair and lovely contains some synthetic component that provides stability to the natural product and increases the result with increased shelf life of the product.

The product is a thick light coloured with peachy tint having floral essence.

How the Fair & lovely helps in clearing the blemish?

"Anti marks" - cream that contains triple sunscreen that has broad spectrum action that helps to protect from sun rays as the UV rays revert back the appearance of marks and darkness.

The cream contains skin clarifying product extract that penetrate deep into the skin. The multivitamin and natural product helps in removal of exfoliate dead cells; the natural demelanizing component will target blemished areas thus one may achieve radiant fairness with clarity. Natural fruit and aloe will impart smooth texture to skin with controlled moisturization and nourish the skin without leaving oily effect on the skin.

Who should not use the cream Fair and lovely?

If individual using cream having any allergic experience he should not use the cream.

Storage Condition for the cream

  • The cream preparation comes in sterile pack of tube covered with outer carton.
  • The pack comes in handy pack. One should keep the product in cool and shady place at room temperature. Keep the cream away from direct open flame.

How to use the cream and its mode of administration?

The cream will give maximum result if used two times in day. One should clean the face before application of cream. One will experience tingling affect after application of cream on the skin, this is an indication that cream is working efficiently. This cream will start showing result and turn you blemish free in 4 weeks of use.

Product has following advances and disadvantage like

Cream will moisturize in all skin types, provides instant glowing face with dewy look.

This cream helps for even skin tone after regular using. Along advancement some cons like whitish dusky tone to skin may experience after use of the product. Make you look fair or pale.

Precautions while using the Fair and lovely

  • One should use cautiously if skin shows any inflammation or broken.
  • Avoid contact with eye and wash face before using the cream.
  • Do not apply to whole face but specific part indicated for use.

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