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Ladygra 100 MG

Ladygra 100 MG


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Ladygra 100mg contains active drug Sildenafil citrate. It is used in the treatment of sensual dysfunction in women.Some factors which may cause sensual dysfunction in women include neurological disease, hormonal imbalance, drug or alcohol abuse and adverse effect of some medicines.

Ladygra 100mg act by inhibition of PDE- 5 which is responsible for the degradation cGMP. NO releases from smooth muscles by cGMP, increases blood flow in female reproductive organ. Thus Ladygra 100 mg acts as lubricant during sensual activity.

Sensual dysfunction in female is a common problem occurs worldwide. Ladygra 100 mg oral tablet is an efficient drug used in the treatment to boost up sensual power in women.

Doses and Directions of Ladygra

Ladygra 100 mg should be taken orally with a glass of water in empty stomach. It should be taken 45 minutes prior to the sensual activity. Ladygra 100 mg should be taken once in 24 hours. The dose can be decrease or increase depending upon patient's responsiveness and effectiveness of this drug.

Drug Interaction With Ladygra 100mg

Ladygra 100 mg may interact with drugs such as, Nitrate, Cimetidine, Ranitidine, Clarythromycin, Erythromycin, Isoniazid, Rifampin, Quinidine, Amiodipine, Ketoconazole and Miconazole.

Contraindication of Ladygra 100mg

Ladygra 100 mg is contraindicated in patient who is allergic to it. Do not take it if you are taking any Nitrates such as Nitroglycerine and Isosorbide dinitrate. It is contraindicated in female having pulmonary Veno-occlusive disease. Women, who are suffering from disease like leukemia, renal and kidney dysfunction, should avoid this drug.

Storage Condition of Ladygra 100mg

Ladygra should be stored at room temperature. Keep away the drug from the reach of children and pets. Protect it from direct sunlight and moisture. Use the product before its expiry date.

Possible side effects of Ladygra 100mg include; skin rashes, blurred vision, head pain and nausea. But these side effects are temporary and everyone cannot get them. Avoid the overdose of Ladygra 100 mg, it may cause bleeding in stomach and lower the blood pressure.

Safety Measures While Taking Ladygra 100mg

Ladygra 100 mg should only be used by adult female, Avoid the drug when you are taking Nitrates because combination of both may lead to fatal effect. Do not work which requires mental alertness such as driving car or walking. Limit the use of alcohol. Do not take it with grapefruit or juice. Elderly women are more susceptible to side effects, so she should use it only when it is recommended.

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