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Buy Librium 25mg online | Generic Chlordiazepoxide 25mg Tablets

Generic Chlordiazepoxide - Librium 25mg tablets

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Librium 25mg Tablets - Generic Chlordiazepoxide

Librium 25mg is solid dosage form having capsule preparation. Librium contains Chlordiazepoxide HCL which is developed by Hoffmann-La Roche. The drug helps in decreasing nervousness and relief in anxiety. The drug is available in following strengths of 5mg, 10mg and 25 mg of active chlordiazepoxide HCl.

The drug is indicated for the management of anxiety problem and helps in counteracting the withdrawal symptom of alcohol addiction, nervousness before operation and surgery. The drug helps in relieving the tension effectively.

How Librium 25mg Helps?

Chlordiazepoxide HCl is weak pain reliever, hunger stimulating, and sleep inducing and anxiolytic drug by stimulating brain stem reticular formation.

Drug Contraindications of Librium 25mg

  • Individual hypersensitive to the drug content of Librium capsule should not take the drug.
  • Drug interaction along Librium capsule:
  • Drug has serious interaction Sodium oxybate,
  • One should not take the drug along antacids, anti histaminic drugs like Cimetidine.
  • Anti-depressants: Fluoxetine, fluvoaxamine.
  • Sleep inducing drug, muscle relaxants and psychiatric medicines like tricyclic.

Storage Conditions for Librium 25mg Capsule

One should keep the drug in cool and shady place, keep the drug away from the direct sunlight and open flame. Keep the drug away from moisture and keep away from the reach of children.

Drug Administration Guidelines of Librium 25mg Capsule

The drug starts its effectiveness in long term administration (for about 4 months and more). After optimum diagnosis one physician and patient response to the therapeutic dose individual is prescribed with the dose.

In adults:

Drug helps to mitigate anxiety problem one can take 5mg to 10mg tablet thrice or 4 times in a day

And in old patients 5mg is prescribed twice to 4 times in a day.

In preoperative conditions one may take 5 to 10mg capsules orally for 3 to 4 times. And if it comes to pediatric, one should keep it low dose thrice to 4 times in a day according to medical condition of the patient. Although it should not be served to patient below 6 year of age and one should not take the drug over 300mg of dose in 24 hours.

Side effects that can be experienced after the intake of Librium 25mg capsule

  • One may suffer some skin eruptions, nausea and constipation, change in libido, sleep change and mood swings and confusion.
  • Drug has prone chances of addiction and drug abuse and its withdrawal symptoms are muscle cramps, convulsions, insomnia and dysphoria.

Warning and Precautions

  • The drug makes you incompetent to drive and impairs performance so once should not use machinery and automotives.
  • The drug has potential risk to the fetus and thus one should not take the medicament.
  • In case of old and small children drug should be served in least dose as one may suffer the paradoxical reactions.
  • Renal and hepatic failure patient should use the drug in extreme cautions.

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