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Buy Maxalt 10mg Tablets - Generic Rizatriptan 10mg

Buy Maxalt 10mg Tablets - Generic Rizatriptan 10mg

Rizatriptan (RYE-za-TRIP-tan) 10mg

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Maxalt 10mg is oral tablet indicated in treatment of acute head ache which is caused due to migraine. Maxalt 10mg is containing Generic Rizatriptan that basically brings narrowing of the blood vessels around the brain and reduces the chemical messenger in the body that triggers the headache pain. The drug also reduces the light sensitivity and sound sensitivity.

Maxalt is used to mitigate the migraine headache, the medicine will only cure the existing pain but the medicine never claims that it will decrease the incidence of attack (migraine) or prevent headache but counter acts the migraine pain. The medicine should not be used as common pain killer for headache, or any headache that stops the locomotion, or headache that is not a migraine. The drug is offered in oral tablet formulation available in two dose strength of 5mg and 10mg.

How Maxalt 10mg Help in Counter Acting the Migraine Pain?

The drug is specific and has high tendency to bind the human cloned 5HT receptors agonist that belongs to the class of triptan.

This drug basically acts on intracranial blood vessels and drug induce vasoconstriction by stopping the release of calcitonin gene related peptide form sensory nerves associated in trigeminal system.

Conditions Where Maxalt Should Not Be Taken

  • If patient is suffering from coronary artery disorder.
  • Maxalt is not meant for the patient suffering from hemiplegic or basilar migraine disorder.
  • The drug is not indicated to prevent the migraine attacks.
  • Patient allergic to the content of Maxalt should not take the drug.

Drug Interaction With Maxalt 10mg

  • The drug belonging to MOA - inhibitor Moclobemide, Pargyline. Drug will increase the level drug in the plasma.
  • Propranolol
  • Paroxetine

Storage condition of Maxalt 10mg (Rizatriptan)

  • Keep the drug at room temperature and keep it in cool and shady place.
  • Avoid the medicine from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Keep the drug away from the reach of children.

How to take the medicine some dossier information:

  • The oral drug should be only taken when one notice the symptom of migraine.
  • Take tablet orally swallow the whole tablet at once. One should not chew or crush the tablet. You should drink plenty water to swallow the complete tablet.
  • If you have missed the tablet
  • If taking Maxalt tablet missed dose, take other tablet after 2 hours.

Side Effect of Maxalt Tablet

  • Mild headache,
  • Dryness of mouth and thirst,
  • Heavy feeling of the body and tiredness

Precaution While Taking Maxalt Tablet

  • One should not use drug belonging to monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
  • The drug should be taken only when it is confirmed that the person is suffering from migraine disorder.
  • One should not take more than 30 mg of Rizatriptan in 24 hours.