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Mifeprex Pills - Mifepristone abortion Pill

Mifeprex Pill is a brand name of mifepristone that blocks hormone that is necessary for nine months of pregnancy to continue in women. Mifeprex helps to end early part of pregnancy successfully. It is an FDA approved drug for ending pregnancy up to 7 weeks from last menstrual period. It is sometime combined other drug called misoprostol to terminate pregnancy. Mifepristone are safe and effective drug that gives you privacy and control over the process of terminating an unplanned pregnancy. Mifeprex is sometime used along with misoprostol to prevent pregnancy.

Mechanism of Action

Mifepristone is an artificial steroid with antiprogesterone and antiglucocorticoid and terminates an early pregnancy. Mifepristone terminate pregnancy by blocking the receptors of the hormone progesterone and cause the lining of the uterine walls to shed similar to during menstrual cycle. It also helps in increasing the level of prostaglandin and dilates the cervix, facilitating abortion.

Dosage Information of Mifeprex abotion Pill

Mifepristone is taken orally by mouth as a single dose or as directed by your physician.

Mifeprex is taken in following steps:

Step 1: Women have to take 3 tablets of mifepristone (200 mg each) in a single oral dose.

These three doses of mifepristone are enough for the termination of pregnancy. If pregnancy is not terminated successfully than you should move to next step.

Step 2: Take 2 tablets of misoprostol (200 mcg each) orally.

Step 3: Patient should visit to nearby hospital after 14 days of intake to confirm the termination of pregnancy by clinical examination or ultrasonographic scan.

In case of over dose, call your nearby poison control center immediately.

Contraindication of Mifeprex abortion Pill

Some of the medical condition can interact with mifepristone and cause severe effects. You should not take mifepristone, if you:

  • have allergic to mifepristone or any of its ingredient present in it
  • using intrauterine devices
  • have pregnancy outside the uterus ( ectopic pregnancy)
  • have bleeding problem or any blood pressure
  • adrenal gland problems such as chronic adrenal failure
  • any undiagnosed growth in abdomen
  • are more than 63 days or nine weeks pregnant

Drug Interaction With Mifeprex Pill

Some of the drugs if taken along with mifepristone can cause major side effects Drugs such as rifampin rifapentin, phenobarbital and rifabutin can reduce mifepristone concentration and finally reduce its affect.

CYP3A substrates such a pimozide, cyclosporine, entanyl and sirolimus and CYP2b6 can increase the risk of myopathy and drhabdomyolysis.

Avoid taking fluconazole, imatinib, amprenavir, atazanavir, diltiazem and verapamil can increase plasma mifepristone concentration. Other drugs like migraine headache medication, antibiotic or antifungal medicine, seizure medicine and thyroid medication should be avoided.

Storage Condition of Generic Mifeprex Pill

Keep mifeprextablet in its original package at room temperature. Keep this medication away from children and pets.

Side Effects of Mifeprex Abortion Pill

Intake of mifepristone can cause some mild side effects such as Fever, Severe pelvic pain or tenderness, Nauseas, vomiting or diarrhea, No vaginal bleeding after taking mifepristone, Dizziness or tired feeling, Illness, Fast heart beat rate.

If these side effects are become serious, consult to your physician as soon as possible.

Precautions While Taking Mifeprex Pill

Avoid taking alcohol, grape fruits and grape juice along with mifepristone because it can lead to some side effects. They can give become severe.

Do not take any other prescribed, non-prescribed, herbal or any other dietary substance along with mifepristone without consulting to your physician.


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