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Nailon 5ml

Nailon 5ml


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Nailon 5ml is used for the reduction and treatment of fungal infection of toenails and fingernails. It is a broad spectrum antifungal medication which is also involved in the treatment of some bacterial infections and inflammations.

Nailon 5ml contains Ciclopirox as its main vital component. It interrupts the sterol synthesis of fungus. It performs the chelation of various poly valet compounds like Fe3+ and Al3+. This activity inhibits activity of various fungal enzymes which results in the alteration and inhibition of various cellular activities inside fungi. It also modifies the cell membrane of fungi which also destructs the fungi. It also inhibits prostaglandins synthesis so that it also acts as anti-inflammatory drug.

Contraindication of Nailon 5ml

There are certain individuals, who should not use this medication, as it is CONTRAINDICATED in these individuals. They are-

  • Individuals, who are sensitive to Ciclopirox or any other ingredient of this medication, should not use this medication, as it may cause hypersensitivity reactions.

Nailon 5mg should be stored at room temperature; away from pets and children. It should be kept away from direct heat and sunlight.

Dosing Information of Nailon 5ml

Nailon 5ml should be used only on nails and skin next to nails. It should be used with the help of applicator. It should be applied once in a day and should be used at bedtime. Every 7 day individual should remove the medication from the nail completely by using alcohol. After application of this drug, individual should not wash the application area at least for 8 hours. This medication should not be used in overdose, as it can cause harmful effects.

An individual should not miss the dose of this medication. If by chance you miss the dose then apply this medication whenever you remember. If you remind it at the time of next dose, then you should go for next dose and skip the left dose.

The use of Nailon 5ml may cause some side effects in some individuals; such as redness, discoloration, alteration of the shape of nails and burning sensation.

Safety Tips While Using Nailon 5ml

  • An individual should avoid nail pain after application of this medication.
  • It should be used with extra care in case of diabetes, injury, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Avoid the application of this drug on skin, where it is not needed nearby nails.
  • It should be kept away from eyes, mouth and nose.
  • It should not be used nearby flame or fire, as it is flammable.

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