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Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device

Novolizer Dry Powder Inhalation Device

Novolizer Device

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Novolizer-Dry-Powder Inhaler,   are the novel measure to treat COPD which is nothing but asthma where one has hypersensitive air linings so for effective treatment the drug is served directly to the air ways. The drug is served in dry powder, patient has to take the puff through DPI device having active drug. One may take the drug by closing your mouth tight closed around the mouthpiece and inhale with maximum inspiration capacity, and remove the device before exhaling that will prevent the clumping of Dry powder in the device.

Dosing Information of  Novolizer-Dry-Powder Inhaler

The device Novolizer is MDPI as the device is used to deliver medication in multi dose, the devices are use to deliver various drug like Budesonide and Albuterol (Salbutamol). The drug will provide relief in asthma, Bronchitis asthmatic, emphysema and COPD associated with diabetes mellitus. The drugs are nothing but corticosteroid therapy that will provide relief from the extra mucous secretion and turn life savior and reduce inflammation too.

The method is prevailing and turns out to be very beneficial and device has also gained very acceptance due to following advancements:

  • The drug can be used many times and this is multi dose device. So refill the device as many times you want.
  • Safe and effective does not need any other power source to disperse the medication but the individual inspiration capacity.
  • The device serves the medication instantly and their results are achieved instantly.

Uses Of  Novolizer-Dry-Powder Inhaler

 It is a device, which can be used with ease. The using process of this device is simple as described below-

  • One should remove the cap of device of Novolizer and keep the device in straight position. Do not shake the device.
  • You should press the colored dosage switch completely, by this you hear a loud double click sound and the control window color will changes from red to green.
  • Exhale out the air and then put mouth piece in mouth and lip lock the mouth piece. "Do not exhale back in the device may bring moisture inside the device which could lead to clumping of DPI". Then put mouthpiece of device in mouth your mouth between the teeth and close your lips around the mouthpiece.
  • Then inhale the powdered medication with the help of the inhaler by taking a deep breath. You will hear a loud click sound, which indicate correct inhalation.
  • Take out the inhaler from your mouth and keep breath hold for about 10 seconds, or as long as it is comfortable.
  • Then breathe out slowly-slowly away from the inhaler of the device. The indicator window again changes back red, which indicate correct inhalation.
  • After using you should put back the cap and store it in a dry place.

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