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Buy Ovral L Pill

Buy Ovral L Pill

Norgestrel & Ethinyl Estradiol

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Ovral-L is an efficient birth control pill. It is an oral medication which contains two synthetic hormones. One is Norgestrel and another is Ethinyl Estradiol. These both components are derivatives of natural progestin and estrogen. Pregnancy is occurred by the working of natural hormones present in the body of female, progestin and estrogen.

Norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol both acts together in the prevention of child birth. It inhibits the process of ovulation or it delays the process of ovulation. It also alters the cervical mucus and changes the lining of uterus by which fertilization process is not occur. It creates difficulties in the transportation of sperm to reach an egg and in the attachment of a fetus to the uterus. In this way Ovral-L effectively prevents the pregnancy.

Contraindications of Ovral L

  • It should not be used by females, who are suffering from liver, uterine and breast cancer.
  • Females, who are suffering from severe uncontrolled blood pressure, unusual bleeding from female genitalia, blood related disorders and migraine, should avoid this medication.
  • If a female is a smoker and she is more than 35 years of age, should not use this medication.
  • Females, allergic to progestin or estrogen derivative should not use this medication.

Ovral-L should be kept at room temperature and should be kept away from direct heat and sunlight. Always keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Dosing Information of Ovral L

It is an oral medication. The pack of Ovral-L contains 28 tablets in which 21 tablets are active pill or medicated pills and rest 7, are non medicated or reminder pill. A female should take one active pill of this medication daily at same time for 21 consecutive days. After this she should start reminder pill and should take on reminder pill daily for seven consecutive days. On day 8th she should start with a new pack of this medication.

A female should not take this drug in overdose, as it can cause severe harmful effects in the body. Overdose symptoms include nausea, severe vomiting and sudden bleeding from reproductive organ. In case of overdose immediately contact with your doctor.

A female should not miss the dose of this medication if by chance she missed the dose of this medication then she should contact with her doctor or follow these instructions-

  • If by chance a female miss one active pill then she should take two active pills, on day she remembers.
  • If by chance a female missed two active pills in week 1 or 2, then she should take two active pills for two days along with backup method of contraception.
  • If a female missed two active pills in week 3 or if she missed three active pills in any week, then she should throw the rest of the pills and should start with a new pack.

The use of Ovral-L may cause some side effects in some females such as diarrhea, drowsiness, vomiting, loss of scalp hair, change in weight and darkening of facial skin.

Precaution While Taking Ovral L


  • Always use this medication with extra care in case of depression, epilepsy, tuberculosis and adrenal or thyroid disorders.
  • It does not prevent STDs, so you should use another method to diminish the risk of STDs.
  • You should not take other drugs in combination with this drug; such as Phenobarbital, antibiotic and seizures medications.

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