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Buy Rhinocort Nasal Spray

Buy Rhinocort Nasal Spray

Budesonide (byoo des oh nide)

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Nasal spray is novel approach for the treatment of allergic chronic rhinitis a condition where suffers inflammation of the mucous membrane that may be caused due to number of reasons mostly the allergic reaction or viral infection also known as common cold and hay fever. This Rhinitis is treated with help of Rhinocort nasal spray which contains Budesonide a type of Corticosteroid that decreases the inflammation and decreases the symptoms of congestion, sneezing and running nose and watering of eyes.  The drug is also used after surgery to prevent the polyps to reappear.

The drug helps effectively as the drug brings anti-inflammatory action. The drug is strong glucocorticoid activity and weak 4 mineralocorticoid activity which brings topical anti-inflammatory. The drug has wide inhibitory action against multiple cells like mast cells macrophages blood component and mediators like histamine, leukotrienes and cytokines this will bring help in mediation of inflammation effectively. Hence the drug helps in seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis.

The drug is restricted in certain patients like

  • Patient with increased ocular pressure and glaucoma should not use the medication as the drug may increase the condition.
  • If one is hypersensitive to the drug, one should not use the drug.

Drug Budesonide is not served along the drug as the action is diminished or the drug may elevate the side effects of the drug:

  • Drug is potent cytochrome P450 3A4 inhibitors so one should not take along antifungal drugs.
  • One should not take along other corticosteroids as it will increase the level of systemic corticosteroid.

Storage Condition for the Rhinocort nasal spray:

  • One should keep the preparation out of direct sunlight and place the cap back to retain its sterility.
  • Keep the drug at room temperature and do not freeze.

Coming to the posology:

One should use the Nasal spray via nasal route; initial dose for Rhinocort that one may take is 256μg single daily application of 128μg into each nostril in the morning or divided into two applications of 64μg into each nostril, morning and evening.

 In case of treatment of nasal polyps:-  

Adult dose may total daily dose, 256μg which one can take and hence the dose one can take at once is 64μg twice a day.

Patient should not clear the nasal congestion before application and one should not exceed recommended dose.

The drug may bring following side effects like bad taste of mouth, dizziness and head ache can be experienced.

Warning Symptoms for Rhinocort Nasal Spray

  • The drug may decrease the growth in children and should not be used recklessly.
  • The drug will take at least 3-4 days to relieve the medical condition and act against the condition.
  • If long treatment is going on any individual one should go for regular check up at least twice in a year for the nasal mucosa. 

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