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Silverex Ionic 20gm

Silverex Ionic 20gm

Silver Nitrate Gel and Ethyl Alchohal

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Silverex Ionic 20gm is eminent product of Virchow Biotech, which contains inorganic silver nitrate which is used as first line topical for burn of various degrees. The gel preparation is also indicated in cut and open wound healing treatment of warts. Earlier day the drug Inorganic silver nitrate were used for gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum (type of conjunctivitis where neonates suffers this disorder in which neonatal infection contracted by newborns during delivery). The product is available in ionic gel of 0.2% w/w in pack of 20gm.

This pack contains colloidal silver in form of emulsion gel. Simply the product contains lots of water and less amount of oil added with drug. Some following advancement of gel preparation over cream:

  • Gel contains alcohol base that provides consistency, and the product unlike to creams is non comodogenic thus one never gets tiny blackheads and whiteheads after use of the product.
  • Gel will evenly distribute on the surface and provides soothing effect.
  • Non oily, non sticky nature of the product increases the penetration through skin dermis and provides cooling effect to the burned part.

How The Silverex Ionic Will Help To Acts Against Microbial Growth

The drug silver is corrosive and astringent with germicidal nature which helps to impart antiseptic character to the preparation. The silver ion is protein precipitant toxic to bacterial cell lining it precipitates the bacterial protoplasm.

The effect of silver ions against microbes is well defined as it brings oligodynamic effects that interacts the bacterial cell via three ways:-

  • Damage cell membrane physiology.
  • Brings displacement of zinc ions and calcium ions.
  • The interaction with sulphur with oxygen and nitrogen.
  • The silver acts broad spectrum to both gram positive and gram negative bacteria and very negligible chances of resistance.
  • No human toxicity and effective in low concentration.

Contraindication of Silverex Ionic 20gm

  • Silverex ionic gel if used for long time period it might bring skin discoloration.
  • Sensitive and soft areas should be avoided for application like under lips and eye or groin.

How to use Silverex Ionic 20gm

  • Apply the topical cream twice or more as prescribed according to the medical conditions.
  • The preparation should be repeated after one goes for the hydrotherapy or washes the wound.

Drug Interactions With Silverex Ionic 20gm

Drug silver nitrate and its drug interactions with other drugs: no formal drug interaction is seen with the Ionic Silverex gel.

  • Antibiotics (Quinolone antibiotics)
  • Antibiotics (Tetracycline antibiotics)
  • Levothyroxine
  • Medications that can harm the liver (Hepatotoxic drugs)
  • Penicillamine (Cuprimine, Depen)
  • Bactroban ointment having Mupirocin
  • Nexium capsule having Esomeprazole
  • lactobacillus acidophilus
  • diphenhydramine hydrochloride
  • diazepam

Precaution While Using Silverex Ionic 20gm

Warning and facts to take care while using the Silverex ionic gel:

  • One may experience pain in mouth, hyper-salvation, convulsions, and electrolytic disturbance.
  • Increased level of meth-hemoglobin.
  • Silver nitrate is very toxic and corrosive and if ingested it may lead to poisoning and bring defect to the vital organs.

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