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Buy Spiriva Rotacaps

Buy Spiriva Rotacaps

Tiotropium (tee oh tro pee um)

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Spiriva Rotacaps is an anti-cholinergic bronchodilator, which is used for the long-term treatment of bronchospasm linked to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), comprising of bronchitis and emphysema. This inhaler shows its action by relaxing the muscles around the airways in the nose which allows the patient to breathe easily. The main component present in Generic Spiriva Inhaler is Tiotropium Bromide.

Situations in which Spiriva Rotacaps should not be used are:

  • Pregnant females should avoid use of this inhaler, in case of an emergency; this inhaler should be inhaled only by consulting a doctor.
  •  A person allergic to Tiotropium bromide should avoid use of this inhaler.
  • In case of renal or hepatic impairment, you should not use this inhaler.
  • If you are suffering from glaucoma or suffering from problems in prostate glands, then you should not use this inhaler.

 Drug Interaction of Spiriva Rotacaps

 Anticholinergics like Ipratropium should not be used while taking Spiriva Rotacaps as it enhances the chances of adverse effect of this medication.

 Storage Condition of Spiriva Rotacaps

  • You should store this medication in a cool and dry place at a room temperature of 250C.
  • Keep this medicine away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture.
  • Store this inhaler away from the reach of children.

Dosing Information of Spiriva Rotacaps

The recommended doses of Spiriva Rotacaps are two inhalation once in a day on a regular basis. Avoid inhaling more than one dose in a day.

A patient should open the Rota inhaler by holding it in a straight position and placing the white spot upwards and the colored end in the opposite direction. Now you should breathe out and close your lips around the mouth piece. Take a full breath inside your mouth and then hold your breath for 10 seconds. Now breathe normally and through the empty shell.

 Various adverse effect shown by Spiriva Rotacaps are breathing difficulty  or worsening of your breathing problems, Bilateral conjunctivitis, Dry mouth, Pounding heart beat, Wheezing or troubled breathing, Stuffy nose, nosebleed, Drowsiness, White patches in your mouth or throat.

Remember Important Points While Using Spiriva Rotacaps:

  • You should tell your doctor if you are consuming any prescription, non-prescription medicines, eye drops, vitamins and herbal supplements as this medicine may affect the functioning of thus inhaler.
  • In case of pediatric patients this inhaler should be used with caution.
  • A person should rinse the mouth after each use of inhaler to  avoid dry mouth and irritation of throat.
  • Spiriva spray may lead to dizziness and unclear vision. so you should avoid driving or do any task that needs full focus.

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