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STAD 14000 - Lidocaine Spray

STAD 14000 - Lidocaine Spray

Stad 14000 - Lignocaine

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Stad 14000 contain active pharmaceutical ingredient Lidocaine. It is tropical spray popularly used in the treatment of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men.

Stad 14000 is a local anesthesia which acts on fast gated voltage sensitive Na channel present on neural membrane. Na ion is responsible for carrying pain sensitive neurons which is inhibited by this drug. Thus it prolongs ejaculation time in men and provides him immense pleasure to participate in sexual intercourse for a longer period of time.

Premature ejaculation is disorder wherein man expels semen soon after sexual activity, and due to this reason they are unable to indulge in sexual activity for sufficient time. Stad 14000 a local anesthesia when applied tropically on affected area treats this problem with in 3 to 4 hours. It is very efficient drug used to love making power in man. Stad 14000 is also useful in the treatment in erectile dysfunction.

Dose and Directions of Stad 14000

Before applying it first clean and dry the applied skin part. Shake Stad 14000 spray properly. Apply 3 to 4 spray and rub it properly. Dose can be increased or decreased depending upon the tolerability of drug in patient. Maximum 10 sprays can be taken. There is a less chance of missed dose, as it is only applied at the time of sexual intercourse. Avoid overdose, but if you have taken it accidentally then contact your doctor immediately.

Drug Interaction With Stad 14000

Stad 14000 may interact with antihypertensive drugs such as Epinephrine, nor epinephrine and Phenylephrine. It increases BP when it is combined with antidepressant. Other local anesthetics and antipsychotics like Phenothiazines, Butyrophenones may interact with the activity of Stad 14000.

Contraindication of Stad 14000

Stad 14000 is contraindicated in patient who is allergic to it. Avoid this drug in patient who is having recent heart attack or coronary disease. Do not take this drug if you have painful erection, myasthenia gravis and epilepsy. It is contraindicated in women and children less than 18 years of age.

Storage Condition: Protect it from direct sunlight, excessive heat and moisture. Keep the drug at place where children and pets cannot easily access. Do not use this spray after the date of expiry.

Side Effects of Stad 14000

Possible side effects of Stad 14000 includes: burning and swelling of skin. It may cause painful and difficult urination. Other side effects include shallow breathing, blurred vision and inflammation of membrane. These side effects do not last for longer period, and everybody cannot get them.

Safety Measures of Stad 14000

Some points need to be kept in mind while using Stad 14000 such as do not take this drug if you are suffering from liver, kidney or any heart disease. It should only take by tropical route. This drug may cause irritation to any other skin parts of body, so use it cautiously. Clean and dry that area where it should be applied. Protect your eyes from this drug. Do take food when you are taking this drug.

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