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Buy Volmax 2mg, 4mg, 8mg

Buy Volmax 2mg, 4mg, 8mg

Albuterol (al byoo ter ole)

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Volmax is an inhaler, which is used in bronchospasm. It contains generic Albuterol that belongs to the bronchodilator category of the medications. This drug is also used in the patients who are under the age of 6 years. It is also prescribed for the treatment of reversible obstructive airway disease, exercise-induced bronchospasm and in early sign of asthmatic attacks.

Generic Albuterol is an agonist beta 2 receptor. This drug functions by relaxing the muscles of airways, which further increases airflow to the lungs.

Contraindication and Some Conditions of Volmax 4 mg:

  • Avoid the use of Volmax in case of any type of heart diseases.
  • Individual who has vomiting problem should avoid the use of this drug
  • Patients who have a history of poor thyroid condition should avoid the use of this drug.
  • Do not take it if you have low level of potassium or magnesium in the blood.
  • Individuals who are suffering from any type of CNS disorders such as epilepsy and seizures should avoid the use of this drug.

Drug Interaction of Volmax 4 mg:

Some drugs should not be used along with the use of this drug such as

  • MAO inhibitor such as Furazolidone
  • Antidepressants β-blockers, K+-depleting diuretics
  • Macrolide antibiotics like Clarithromycin
  • Azole antifungal like Ketoconazole and Itraconazole

Storage Condition of Volmax 4 mg :

Keep this drug where heat and sunlight cannot reach easily. Keep it away from the reach of children.  

The dose of Volmax that should be used: This medicine should be taken via orally with the help of inhaler. The dose of this drug should be taken twice in a day after every 12 hours. Take two puffs of drug without feeling and tasting. You should not wash inhaler ever, as it may damaged. Long-term use of this drug may cause mouth infection so use it for taking some gap in between the using of this drug.  

Some side effects can be produced after using this drug such as irritation of the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity, stomachache, change of the taste, redness of the skin, confusion, headache, irritability, lightheadedness, anxiety, dizziness, sleeplessness, nausea, unusual drowsiness and tightness in throat.

Remember while Using Volmax 4 mg:

  • If you ever had hypersensitive, reactions should avoid the use of this drug as it may produce allergic reactions like skin rashes.
  • Pregnant females should not use this drug as it may cause harm your baby.
  • Although, it is not known that weather Albuterol passes or not in the breast-milk but still breastfeeding, mothers should not use this drug.

In case of surgery avoid the use of this drug. 

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