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Weight Loss

Almost 60-75% population of US is either overweight or obese. The reason to this is a sedentary lifestyle, intake of packet foods and junks in heavy proportion, lack of physical workout, the stress of daily life and many other associated factors. A person develops big fat belly onto him when there occurs an imbalance in the calorie intake to calorie burn or consumed by the person.

To keep a check on your body weight BMI, Body Mass Index is the best technique to get to know. This is a numeric calculation, which is done by comparing the height of the person to his overall body weight. The ratio of the two (weight/height) tells us about the health of the patient, BMI= 18.5 to 24.9 is normal and of healthy people, whereas BMI of range 25 to 29.9 tells that person is an overweight individual and last comes the BMI=30, this says a lot and entitle you with a tag of an Obese.

Putting on weight is always easy but to shed the same is the most difficult task as this includes lots of sacrifice of your favorite foods, candies, pastries and other junk stuff that you can't ever imagine to put down in your deadliest dreams. Exercising every day is not your cup of tea and skipping parties is what that you don't want to skip. So, the dream to weight loss turns to be the life biggest challenge for you but with medications such as Reductil, Meridia, Sibutril, Orlistat, Clenbuterol, Xenical, Astralean Slimtone, and Ayur Slim capsules -------------------this is the easiest challenge to be bet on... with someone and later to win too!

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