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Drug knowledge

Drug knowledge is to understand how disease and infection are controlled at the molecular and physiology level to improve health condition.

Drugs are natural or artificial substance that helps to improve a person heath conditions. They are used to treat wide range of disorders ranging from physiological,   mental or physical conditions. Drugs are used in the treatment of moderate to severe disorders that can harm you deliberately and some cause death. Drugs help to enhance the life of individual by improving their health.

 We market both brand and generic drugs on our site. The FDA requires a generic drug to meet the same standards to make sure it's the same ingredient as the brand-name drug. It means the generic drug is safe and can be taken as it is version of brand-name drug. Both contain same active ingredient, strength, use and effect, dosage, ability to reach in the blood stream at right time, mechanism of action and testing standards. Generic drugs are allowed to have different inactive ingredient such as flavoring agents and preservative.

Generic drugs are cost effective almost 80% to 85% as compared to branded drugs.

For e.g. Differin is the brand name of generic name "adapalene".